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April 2015 n Performance & Hotrod Business n 93 The best thing to do in this situation is to get the vehicle safely off the road and attempt to replace the boot before driving any appreciable distance. Clamp It So now that you have your pipe and couplers cleaned and ready for installation, it is time to pick an appropriate clamp for your application. We have three options for intercooler piping. 1. Worm-Gear Clamp These clamps are commonly installed on cooling system hoses, which have less pressure than a standard CAC system. To clean the intercooler, you can cap one end of the cooler, fill it with soapy water and slosh it around to remove as much oil residue as possible. This can be done multiple times until the drained fluid is clean. Other fluids such as acetone and gasoline would be just as effective, but by far the safest method is to use simple dish soap. The external fins also need to be cleaned of dirt, bugs, road debris and general crud. Remember, these fins use passing airflow to transfer heat from the internal air. If they are clogged, they lose their efficiency. Spray these areas with low-pressure water to avoid damaging or bending the fins. A very light brushing can also help remove stubborn debris in the intercooler core. The internal passages must dry com- pletely before being reinstalled. Water entry into the combustion chamber is not something you want, trust me. These processes are very simple and fairly quick to complete. Once finished, adding a catch can to your system would be an easy way to keep future buildup from accumulating. Boot Blowouts A boot blowout will often happen dur- ing one of the first few drives of a new build, when a clamp is not fully tightened. The driver will hear an audible alert when one of the connection points is no longer intact. If you're lucky, the boot may have just separated from the pipe. You can then check for any issues, clean the surfaces and reinstall the boot. Otherwise, you are likely facing a boot that has torn or ruptured, requiring replacement. Although you may be able to get your vehicle off the road, most of the time you will experience serious driv- ability concerns. When this happens, you will wish you had checked your system and upgraded your boots. The cost is minimal compared to your peace of mind and improvement in reliability. A blown boot will result in a rich A/F mixture, potentially fouling the plugs (if the vehicle is gasoline-powered) and causing other concerns. April 2015 n PRECISION ENGINE n 13 8 M a s o n • I r v i n e , C A 9 2 6 1 8 • 7 1 4 - 8 9 8 - 9 7 6 3 • i n f o @ j e p i s t o n s . c o m CUSTOM PISTONS If you need high quality custom pistons quickly, look no further! JE can manufacture a custom set of forged pistons for your engine in as little as 5 days! We also offer the fasted standard delivery in the industry! • Billet or forged pistons • Forgings available for hundreds of applications • Piston coatings available • Expedite services available The largest off-the-shelf forged piston selection and shortest custom lead time anywhere! OFF-THE-SHELF PISTONS We added nearly 600 new part numbers to our 2015 catalog! Looking for a high quality forged piston on a budget? SRP and SRP Professional Pistons provide the same premium quality at an affordable price! • Nearly 3,000 shelf piston part numbers • Over 3,000 piston ring part numbers • 98% fill rate • 264 New SRP part numbers for 2015 2 WEEK S T A N D A R D D E L I V E R Y JE_Perf_Bus_1_2Page_Layout 1 3/4/15 3:20 PM Page 1

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