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96 n Performance & Hotrod Business n April 2015 16 n PRECISION ENGINE n April 2015 PRECISION ENGINE EnginE Building Products Stock your shelves with these quality motor components. ForgEd racing Pistons JE Pistons, Irvine, California, presents its expanded line of SRP and SRP Professional forged racing pistons. The product extension encapsulates the small-block Chevrolet and small-block Ford for the traditional SRP line; and GM LS Series and small-block Chevy, small-block Ford and Ford modular engines for the SRP Professional line. Features include a fully CNC-machined piston with radiused symmetrical valve pockets, machined oil drank backs, CNC diamond-turned skirts, pressure-fed pin oilers, floating wrist pins with spiro locks and more. onE-PiEcE Pushrods Engine Pro, Wheat Ridge, Colorado, introduces new 5/16-inch Pushrods in response to ever- increasing spring pressures and higher rpms of modern performance engines. The 5116 Series pushrods carry the Nitro Black designation that Engine Pro reserves for its premium high-end performance products. Made in the USA from one-piece, seamless 0.116 wall chromoly tubing, the thicker-wall pushrods give the extra strength required in applications that don't have the clearance for larger-diameter push rods. ignition WirE ProtEction Kits Design Engineering Inc. (DEI), Avon Lake, Ohio, offers its new Titanium Protect-A-Wire Kits that provide advanced heat protection for V-8 engine ignition wires exposed to extreme heat from exhaust manifolds and headers. Developed with proprietary Titanium LR fiber technology, the sleeving material withstands temperatures up to 1,800 degrees direct heat and 2,500 degrees radiant. The kit includes: 25 feet of 1/2-inch ID Titanium sleeving, eight high-heat shrink tube ends, and 16 high-temp shrink tube ends numbered one through eight (two of each). ls nEXt rEar sumP Pan Canton Racing Products, North Branford, Connecticut, introduces its LS NEXT Rear Sump Aluminum RR Baffled Pan. Designed for racers that are likely to purchase the LS NEXT block and want to take advantage of its un-skirted bottom to gain horsepower, the pan features: a pro-style oil recovery pouch, machined billet front and rear seals, diamond-shaped road race baffle assembly with four trap doors, removable windage/anti-slosh baffle, and a provision for a pan-mounted dipstick. It measures 6.5 inches deep from rear cap mounting surface. dyno control & data systEm Stuska Dynamometers, Sussex, Wisconsin, introduces the PowerPro T/A Control & Data System. The PowerPro T/A offers total automation—start the engine, reach oil temperature and then sweep, all with one click. Or take a more hands-on approach. With precision control of throttle and load, users can automate break-in and warm-up procedures. Engine mapping is simplified, and the system accepts up to 45 sensors. New features include Sweep Tracer for live comparison graphs while the test is in progress.

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