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12 Restyling & tRuck AccessoRies | April 2015 it up to others to make exposure happen," he says. "Being onsite ensures your dollars get the best value and reach. Being onsite also gets you in front of potential con- sumers directly to answer questions they might have. No one but you understands your business better, why leave it to others to speak on your behalf. "Many times have I heard, 'I love your support of this event and took a chance of buying your product because of your involvement and support,'" Corbett says. Be sure to invite your best customers to race day. "We all have our customer base that keeps business moving smoothly," he says. "Invite them along to a race or event to share in the fun of competition. I've seen something as simple as an invite to an Ultra 4 event turn into a $300,000 race-buggy build and fully accessorized Ram truck to haul it with. Inviting your clients to an event gives them confidence that you're in touch with new products and trends, and opens their minds to new ideas of how to spend money with you." RACE-TESTED SUSPENSION GenRight Off Road, Simi Val- ley, Calif., unveils the race-tested suspension from its 4585 MOD Class TJ racecar for the consumer Jeep. Includes the best parts and calculated mounting points for proper geometry to make any rig a top-notch crawler with advanced articulation and a balanced feel. Make a Jeep ride like a rock buggy with GenRight's suspension kit (SUP3101 & SUP4201). Featured at the King oF the hammers OVERLINE AND ARCHED FENDERS MetalCloak, Rancho Cordova, Calif., presents a favorite modi- fication among the 4600 Stock Class: the Metalcloak Overline and Arched Fenders. Get highline style clearance without cutting hoods or making any illegal body mods. Available with 4" or 6" removable flares, the MetalCloak Overline Fenders bolt on with hand tools. For the average Jeep owner, the Metalcloak Fenders are full re- placement, meaning they include a complete, aluminum, inner fender. Featured at the King oF the hammers

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