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52 Restyling & tRuck AccessoRies | April 2015 going on [in the truck bed], so paint is going to rub; paint is going to flake off. It's just the nature of what happens." Moore says Husky's plans call for using an isolating barrier—a series of plastics and EPDM rubbers—to isolate the bolts and the steel parts from the pickup beds. "We're currently working on it in terms of what those isolator strips will be like— whether it's a tape or putty, or aluminum washers, or some type of protection in there," says Doug Northcutt, national sales manager for Boyden, Iowa-based Demco Manufacturing. Both Demco and Husky were expecting to have their isolator systems for Ford pickups available sometime in the second quarter, if not before. Company represen- tatives say the addition of those isolator systems are expected to add a minimal cost to those rail kits, which can be built into the cost and passed on to the end customer. "Isolators are pretty inexpensive. It sounds techy, but it's really just a thin gasket," says Lee Adelman, vice president of eCommerce and marketing for Eau Claire, Wis.-based CURT Manufacturing. His company has been providing isolators for its Ford compatible fifth wheel rail kits since earlier this year. For dealers wanting to offer their cus- tomers a premium solution, Cequent has introduced its new Reese Outboard Fifth Wheel Custom Install Kits. These new kits feature a 48-inch-wide rail (versus the normal 43-inch-wide rail) and the frame bracket flange is turned outboard, to the wheel well part of the truck instead of under the truck, which makes for a much easier install. "The other thing that's great about it [the new kits] is they are no-drill, so they are going to locate on existing holes within the truck frame. When you compare that to universal installa- tion kits, universal installation kits typically require Cequent has developed a new, premium Reese Outboard rail kit for the Ford F-150 that features a no-drill application. In addition to reducing the risk of galvanic corrosion, Cequent says these new kits are easier to install and can increase shop productivity. CURT Manufacturing has come out with two new part numbers for its Q20 fifth wheel hitch, one of which fits with Ford OEM legs (pictured) and one that fits with Ram OEM legs. CURT has introduced isolators for its Ford compatible fifth wheel hitch products to protect against galvanic corrosion. Image provided by Coast Distribution

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