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Page 58 of 63 April 2015 | Restyling & tRuck AccessoRies 57 ness with Aries while maintaining fast ser- vice and a high level of quality." CURT has 10 warehouses in the U.S., and five of them already carry Aries products. Depending on demand, all of CURT's warehouses have the capability to carry Aries Automotive products, Hooks says. "You never know what cus- tomer demand is, and we have the capability to either ship truckloads of products or one at a time," Hooks says. "Distribu- tors like that because we can drop ship, while retailers like it because we can ship products to them overnight, so they don't have to carry inventory." Customer Relations CURT's growth plan for Aries is focused on strengthening relationships with its existing customers. CURT and Aries serve thousands of dealers in the U.S. and Canada. "A brand is no better than how a com- pany performs for the customer," Hooks says. "The way we've grown here at CURT is by involving our customers in discussions about product innovation and finding out what their customers are asking for. Our best sources are truck accessories dealers and distributors. They'll tell you what truck enthusiasts want or what they're asking for. "We're very close to our customers, and we get a tremendous amount of feedback from all of the sales force," Hooks adds. "We are in contact with our customers lit- erally on a day-to-day basis. We believe in going into their store to help them. How can you help them from a distance? You have to walk in, see their operation, sit down with them and ask, 'What can we do to improve?'" Partnering with its customers is the best part of the business, according to Hooks. He says the positive relation- ships have greatly contributed to CURT's successful business model and brand development. "If we make money, we want to see our customers make money," Hooks says, "If those things don't happen simultaneously and it's unbalanced, you don't have a good relationship." Stay Tuned As for new products for Aries and CURT, Hooks couldn't com- ment on any upcoming releases, but that will likely change by the time the SEMA Show rolls around. "We're going to focus on being partners with our customers this year," Hooks says. "We will be introducing new products, but right now it's all about the company. We seek to understand before trying to be understood. We want to listen to customers' needs first, CURT Manufacturing headquarters

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