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14 n Performance & Hotrod Business n May 2015 SUPERCHARGERS, TURBOS & NITROUS PRODUCT FOCUS: It can be argued that power-adders including superchargers, turbos and nitrous oxide systems are what the performance aftermarket is all about—namely, making vehicles go faster. The exciting revelation that in some cases they also make engines more efficient is icing on the cake, as fans have yet another reason to covet these exciting add-ons. From street to strip, on the smallest sports cars to the largest off-road trucks, power-adders are an exciting profit center for shops looking to boost their bottom line. Here are some of the latest to get pulses racing. Turbo Nuts & Bolts Stage 8 Locking Fasteners, San Rafael, California, offers its Locking Turbocharger Mounting Nuts and Bolts Kits available in all sizes, metric and standard. Stage 8 Locking Turbo Fasteners are a true active mechanical locking system. They will not loosen until they are removed. They are re- usable and similar Stage 8 locking systems are used in aerospace and heavy industry from NASA to Caterpillar to military vehicles. They are made in the USA. Titanium Turbo Shield Design Engineering Inc. (DEI), Avon, Lake, Ohio, introduces its GEN-II Titanium Turbo Shield with LR Technology. The shield is custom-fit for T25/28, T3, T4 and T6 turbocharg- ers. It is constructed with a thicker, fireproof core and a high-temp-rated silica fireproof insulation padding with reinforced seams and DEI's Titanium fabric outer shell that keeps heat inside the turbo, allowing it to spool up faster, all while reducing radiant heat. The cooler air intake temperatures can result in a notice- able boost in horsepower. Turbochargers BorgWarner, Auburn Hills, Michigan, presents its new Airwerks SX-E line of turbochargers. The SX-E is initially being offered in the S200 and S300 frame sizes. Standard features include: a 360-degree thrust bearing for improved load distribution, pre- machined boost ports and speed sensor ports, and flexible compressor cover. In addition, the compressor stage aerodynamics have been optimized to improve compres- sor efficiency and widen the operating range. Diesel Turbos Sinister Diesel, Roseville, California, introduces its Sinister Diesel Edition Powermax Turbo that features a larger compressor wheel than stock, plus Garrett VNT (variable nozzle turbine) technol- ogy for quick turbo spool-up, crisp throttle response and gains up to 175 hp. The Powermax 2 includes a BatMoWheel compressor wheel by Bullseye Performance, and both turbos include compressor covers polished and coated in Sinister Blue. They are 100-percent compatible with 2003-'07 Ford F-250/F-350 and Excursion applications. Turbo Insulating Cover & Kit Thermo-Tec Automotive Products, Greenwich, Ohio, presents its Universal Turbo Insulating Cover. The cover is designed to protect and improve turbo performance by keeping the turbo spooled up, virtually eliminating lag. The turbo insulator comes in one size and fits any turbine for any vehicle, includ- ing trucks and SUVs. A complete turbo insulating kit that includes the insulating cover plus a roll of exhaust insulating wrap for the down pipe is also available to increase torque, horsepower, eliminate turbo lag and reduce radiant heat.

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