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22 n Performance & Hotrod Business n May 2015 PERFORMANCE "The price of gas and a resurgence of terrorism," Stacy says. "As long as we keep fuel and food prices in check, I could see 2015 being the best year in a long, long time." McCarver agrees. "If fuel prices rise drastically or the economy goes south, we could be right back where we were several years ago, when we were all worried about the state of our sport. It feels like we are walking a tight- rope in that regard." Schroeder notes that when it comes to the economy, "most people have to feel secure in their financial status before they go to the track." Jones adds that Mother Nature could also have a say this year. "Weather is certainly a factor that can play a major part during the 2015 racing season. We have had years where tracks only had one or two rainouts, and there have been years when a quarter to half of the races were cancelled due to rain, (and even snow). Rainouts and cancellations Brett Hearn, circle track racing legend, signing autographs at the Champion booth during the PRI trade show. (Photo courtesy Champion Oil) Elevate your business from one that just sells parts to one that has a specialist or specialists to help in the buying process. (Photo courtesy Moroso) (Photo by Rick Schwallie)

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