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24 n Performance & Hotrod Business n May 2015 PERFORMANCE affect circle track racing on many levels, from the promoters and track owners with ticket sales to the engine builders and shop owners. If customers are not racing, there is no wear-and-tear, which results in less refreshing of motors and replacing parts through routine maintenance." Dedolph references crate engines as a factor that could affect the market. "The series or track owner that feels that if they go to a crate engine program they will get a new and expanded audience will affect the traditional engine builder," he predicts. "The shop owner should be in tune with the changes taking place and get certified for that specific crate rebuild program." Industry Changes Every industry undergoes changes. We asked how serving this industry has changed over the past 10 years from a shop perspective. "Today's consumer walking through the front door into the shop has access to more information than ever before, from pricing, forum rants and raves about prod- ucts and companies, to technical ideology of a product and whether it is needed or not," Schroeder says. "Stores can also present their wares to the world (online), instead of just the locals in their area." It's clear the Internet battle for custom- ers isn't going away. "Shops now have competition from not only other brick-and-mortar stores, but also countless websites," McCarver notes. "As a result, it's important that shops keep their shelves stocked with the latest and best products, or have a quick and easy way to get them. Shops still have an advantage, though, in that they can offer personal- ized customer service; something that is very difficult to do online. That personal interaction is something every race shop should use to their benefit." Dedolph adds, "The advancement in chemicals and lubrication products is always evolving. The shop should be open-minded at looking at the benefits (Photo by Rick Schwallie) (Photo courtesy Moroso) (Photo by Rick Schwallie)

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