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May 2015 n Performance & Hotrod Business n 27 What's New? Now that we're all fired up for the new season, here are some of the hot circle track products for 2015. " Champion has launched a new line of disc brake wheel bearing grease, new viscosities in high-temp gear oils, new lower-viscosity racing oil, professional-grade carburetor cleaner and brake cleaner. And for race cars using gasoline, a new professional-grade octane booster." —Karl Dedolph Champion Oil " We have a number of hot products that are taking off in 2015, one of which is our ultra-lightweight three blade Hustler fan, which is available in 15- and 17-inch sizes. The three-blade technology offers a more balanced rotation while keeping the engine cool. While not a new product for 2015, our lightweight serpentine water pump drive system 1035-S-CE continues to gain popularity at a fast pace with the increasing number of crate engine racers. Each kit is sold complete with everything you need: mounting hardware; black, hard-coated serpentine water pump pulley; and a lightweight, one-piece crank drive pulley. The kit also comes with the appropriate belt for your engine and ratio, plus a spare belt is included in every kit. The drives are preconfigured with the proper spacing and alignment to ensure easy installation. Kits are available for Chevy, Ford and Chrysler, along with a complete line of drives for the CT-525." —CJ Jones Jones Racing Products " Our Sportsman Tool Steel cams are the hottest product. Tool steel is the industry's most advanced core material and can be processed faster than traditional materi- als, since it doesn't need to be hardened. Using a tool steel grade will also increase strength by 30 percent compared to either SAE 8620 or SAE 5160 steel." —David McCarver COMP Cams " For FK Rod Ends, our CMX series of rod ends is the talk of the circle track world. It is available in most popular male and female sizes and with or without PTFE liners. This is a two-piece chromoly rod end and has a black oxide coating. Fragola has released a new line of hose ends that are expanders and reducers. These hose ends either have a smaller nut and take one size larger hose, or a larger nut and take one size smaller hose. They are available in -8 nut to take a -6 hose, a -10 nut to take a -8 hose, a -16 nut to take a 12 hose or a -6 nut that takes a -8 hose, -10 nut that takes a 12 hose or -12 nut that takes a -16 hose. They come in red/blue or black and in straight, 30-, 45-, 60-, 90-, 120-, 150- and 180-degree configurations." —Jeff Stacy FK Rod Ends/Fragola Performance Systems " (Popular products include) our small-block Chevy heavy-duty racing oil pumps, big-block Chevy heavy-duty racing oil pumps, rear axle spring perches, heavy-duty Sprint car front magneto drive assemblies, Sprint car billet aluminum timing cov- ers, and our off-the-shelf line of ignition wire sets for Sprint car applications, so you don't have to special-order or cut/terminate your own wire sets out of univer- sal wire sets." —Thor Schroeder Moroso

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