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36 n Performance & Hotrod Business n May 2015 PERFORMANCE Naturally, dynamometers do the same thing. Sometimes an engine innovation is discovered or proven on the dyno. Sometime a new dynamometer feature is thought up because of a new engine design. One foot-pound will always be one foot-pound. How we create that foot- pound and how we test for it—technology keeps changing both. Owning and operating a dynamometer is easier than one might think because … … well, operating dynamometers has become easier and less time-consuming mainly due to modern data acquisition. I still hear from time to time that dyno testing is hard on your engine. Well, so is running a 500-mile race. Back when the instruments were all analog gauges, you could really rack up a lot of time. Today we can see detail at every 100 rpm and from many sensors, and the tests last a matter of seconds. Justifying the cost of purchasing one is a matter of understanding your business situation. When I think about what an engine costs, and the time involved put- ting it together, it becomes harder to justify not having a dynamometer. Mustang Dynamometer Twinsburg, Ohio Michael Caldwell Our hottest dynamometer product for 2015 is … … Mustang just released its new con- trol system for 2015, Powerdyne2.0. The system offers expanded VSim capabilities and our clients like the Track Dynamic Load Tables that are built right into the software via a pulldown menu. VSim repli- cates highway load conditions on the dyno to 100-percent to ensure you're tuning for the street, not the rollers. Its best features include … … any vehicle made from 1973 to 2014 is included with the database we offer, and we update the database periodi- cally to include the newer cars and trucks. Most of our clients have been tuning on the track prior to upgrading to our dyno, so it's a natural transition for them anyway. Our new electronics are more compact, so the footprint for the control panel has been reduced significantly. We have also released an enhanced version of our DragSim software, which complements the quarter-mile and eighth- mile racing feature that has been a staple of the Mustang system for years. DragSim is a videogame-like visual that can be used to enhance the end customer's experience when racing on the dyno. Dynamometers are a must-have tool for serious performance & engine shops because … … a proper tune is absolutely neces- sary for performance gains and it cannot be done properly without a dyno and a skilled tuning professional. The demand for these services far exceeds the supply, and this trend doesn't look like it will change anytime soon. As a business owner, you always want to be able to offer a service that isn't readily available elsewhere—that's what adding a dyno can do for our customers. Quality tuning services have always fallen short of demand. Businesses that offer dyno ser- vices can sell them at a margin that far exceeds what they can expect on other parts and services they offer. Shops have seen margins deteriorate on parts that are available on the Internet and A proper tune is absolutely necessary for per- formance gains and it cannot be done properly without a dyno and a skilled tuning professional. (Photos courtesy Mustang Dynamometer)

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