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May 2015 n Performance & Hotrod Business n 37 services that are available from competing companies right down the street. The dyno breaks this cycle and anyone that has been through the process of adding a Mustang Dyno to their business will attest to it. It's really a matter of supply and demand. Technology is affecting the dynamometer market by … … (allowing) access to information instantly (and) getting information to our customers quickly and easily. We have made strides in the technology that goes into our control systems, so everything is getting faster and more compact. We continue to add accoutrements to complement the dynamometer, like our drag racing feature and handheld devices that make it easier to use the dynamometer from the vehicle. Owning and operating a dynamometer is easier than one might think because … … there's an increased access to education on how to actually use a dynamometer. Ten years ago, there were very few options for shop owners who wanted to learn how to tune. So, a tool like a chassis dynamometer was grossly underutilized. The dyno is an extension of the tuner, so knowledge is the key. We work with experts like The Tuning School in Florida, Calibrated Success in Michigan, EFI101 in California and others for businesses or individuals that want to learn how a vehicle's control system works and how to safely modify it to extract gains from performance-adding parts. Schools that issue Automotive degrees and/or certificates are also ramping up their programs to include more aftermarket tun- ing content—WyoTech, UTI, Ranken, Ohio Technical College and others are pushing hard to add the tools and curriculum required to offer training in this area. There are plenty of resources out there. Companies like Cobb Tuning, GIAC, SCT, HP Tuners, EFILive, Delta Force and DiabloSport offer excellent tuning products and services. When it comes to tuning a car, you must know what you are doing, and getting access to this knowledge is easier now than ever before. Today the industry offers an abundance of knowledge for anyone wanting to learn, and that is what is making owning a dyna- mometer easier. (Photo courtesy SuperFlow) (Photo courtesy Mustang Dynamometer) From Total Automation to Complete Hands-on Control 300 400 500 600 4000 5000 6000 7000 Speed(RPM) CorrTorq(ft-lbs) 9/19/2014 Sweep 17 CorrTorq(ft-lbs) 9/19/2014 Sweep 19 CorrHP(Hp) 9/19/2014 Sweep 17 CorrHP(Hp) 9/19/2014 Sweep 19 Check out the live sweep trace! Stuska Dynamometers has been designing and manufacturing water brake dynamometers for more than 50 years. Combining the proven durability of the legendary Stuska absorber with cutting-edge technology like our PowerPro T/A Data Acquisition and Control System, Stuska is destined to have the competition seeing red. 262.252.4091 | Engine Dynamometers Parts Data Acquisition Service Load Controls Water Brakes

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