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May 2015 n Performance & Hotrod Business n 47 Get Up to Speed... "It's the best marketing I have when my customers bring their car to a show and I'm not even there, and they tell people, 'This is the guy. You gotta go see him. He's the bomb,'" he says. Keepin' It Local Camaros Plus also attracts customers by supporting the Camaro Club for Colorado and sponsoring local car shows like the Golden Super Cruise, a summer cruise in the nearby city of Golden that attracts 4,000 to 5,000 vehicles every month. The shop rents out space at the event for nine vehicles and lets customers use the spaces for free. Pelletier is also a champion of small business and prefers to use local ven- dors like Golden Rodtronics, QDE Hot Rod Parts and Colorado Performance Unlimited. Benefits include easily acces- sible technical support and referrals. "We try to use local vendors first, and then we'll go national as a secondary option," he says. "I prefer to spend locally even if it costs me a little more to have that relationship." Maintaining relationships with the local collector car community and other shops, even competitors, is good business, according to Pelletier. "We're competitors, theoretically, but we're not really competitors," he says. If Camaros Plus is too busy, Pelletier will gladly refer customers to other shops in the area. He enjoys swapping ideas with other shops and is always willing to share his expertise regarding parts and installation. "Try not to have any enemies," he says. "Get to know your competition and use them as allies because you never know when you might need information from them or can share information with them. You kind of have to put your neck on the line and hope they reciprocate, but every- one I've done it with has reciprocated." When it comes to what's ahead, Pelletier's schedule may be full, but there's no doubt that he'll find time to accom- modate more projects, lend a hand and support the local collector car industry. ORIGINAL, COPPER, GRAPHITE BLACK, & CARBON FIBER EXHAUST INSULATING WRAP Call ( 800 ) 274-8437 or visit for a FREE CATALOG, technical support or a distributor near you. HI-HEAT COATING TM ALSO AVAILABLE IN A KIT!! MADE IN THE USA WRAPPED UP TO KEEP YOU COOL Image courtesy of Cool Hand Customs

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