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May 2015 n Performance & Hotrod Business n 71 This is the Factory Five 33 hot rod I painted on Musclecar TV and it was painted using PPG's Envirobase System. Because I had no experience using waterborne paint, I had to take about five days prior to the build to attend a PPG Envirobase Training Class and practice using it at my shop, as waterborne sprays differently than solvent base. The end result was an incredible paint job that years later still turns heads. The time spent training and doing the show was all unpaid but well worth the publicity my shop received. people going to get along with each other? Heck, half the time in the shop, it's hard enough for every one to get along well all the time. Then there are the materials and parts that will be needed. Most of the time, these items will need to be sponsored or donated. The companies must be con- tacted, and then they have to agree that this build will be worth their expense. Companies are always getting asked to donate product. Emails are sent out, phone calls made. Sometimes you get an answer right away. And other times, you don't hear a thing. In addition, there is the time deadline to consider. A builder must use products they can trust will do the best job. These builds are not the time to use anything for the first time. For char- ity projects, photos and videos must be taken during the build and uploaded to the sponsor companies, social networking and other media involved in the build. Kevin Tetz has worked in reality auto- motive TV for many years, hosting and working on DYI's Classic Rides for two years and on Powerblock's Trucks! show for 10 years. "Sometimes months go into planning for a build," says Tetz. As for working with sponsors? "People say all the time, 'It must be great getting free parts!' Well, there's nothing free about them! You have to properly represent the product, install it correctly and showcase the installation so the viewers understand the process. The sponsor has to be happy These are body and paint products I'm using for Project Valkyrie. It's what's known as great sponsor support. These builds would not happen without sponsors stepping up. Companies like PPG, Evercoat, Summit Racing, and SATA are constantly being asked for products and it's hard for them to know which ones to support. When they do, the builders must do all they can to showcase the best use of the products. with how you've presented their products. If a product doesn't work right the first time, then what have you said about that company? In your own shop you have time to figure things out; what went wrong. On set you have to be prepared. You also need to know exactly what you need when you make that first call—parts, banners, stick- ers. It looks amateurish to make numerous calls to a sponsor." If you have your own shop, serious plan- ning is needed so you can be away from the shop for two or four weeks or whatever it takes. When I filmed Tru TV's Motor City Masters last year, I had to plan on being away from my shop for up to eight weeks. It took a solid month of 14-hour days to not only finish up jobs, but also get other jobs ready so my associate would have work to do while I was away. TV Reality "It's not as glamorous as people think it appears, " said Bogi Lateiner of All Girls Garage. "You have something that takes hours or weeks and you're squeezing down into an hour or a half hour of TV time. Plus you have to make it entertaining and

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