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May 2015 n Performance & Hotrod Business n 77 Octane Booster Champion Oil, Clinton, Missouri, presents its new Professional Grade Octane Booster. The octane booster safely stops knocks, pings, hesitation and restores perfor- mance. It also maximizes power, removes carbon depos- its, improves ignition and responsiveness, and helps fuel burn cleaner. The booster reduces the need for premium gaso- line and can be used at every fill-up to boost octane levels up to 15 points or 1.5 RON. It provides combustion technology for superior performance in a street-legal formula, and is safe and effective for use in all gasoline engines. 10-Inch Gear Third Members Mark Williams Enterprises, Louisville, Colorado, offers race-ready Third Members equipped with a 10-inch pitch diameter ring gear (trimmed to 9.5 inches) that can be employed in the 9-inch Ford-style rear end housing. The setup is suited to ultra-high horsepower applications like Pro Mod. The ring gear and companion pinion gear are housed in a rugged through-bolt-design alumi- num carrier. Gears are now available in ratios from 3.70 to 4.71:1, with 5.43, 5.83 and 6.20 coming soon. A special pinion support is employed, as is a light- weight steel spool. Honda/Acura Upper Control Arms PROTHANE, Costa Mesa, California, presets its Billet Upper Control Arms for Honda/ Acura applications. The control arms are black anodized with an engraved PROTHANE logo. The precision-machined units feature urethane bushings providing improved shock absorbing and performance handling over OEM rubber parts. They fit Acura Integra 1990-2001, Honda Civic 1992-2001, Honda CR-V 1997-2001, Honda Del Sol 1993-'97, Honda CRX 1988-'91 and Honda H-Back/ Sedan 1988-'91 models. The arms easily replace stock parts and urethane bushings are impervious to oil and grease for longer life. High-Performance Bellhousings QuickTime, Cleveland, part of the ACCEL Performance Group, offers 20 all-new Bellhousings for a variety of Chevrolet, Ford, Mopar and Nissan engines. The bellhousings provide increased strength to withstand the extreme stresses encountered in high-horsepower street and race engines. QuickTime's patented lightweight spun-cone construction deliv- ers dimensional accuracy and stability, while precision engineering assures the engine and transmission stay in alignment at all rpm ranges, eliminating bellhousing flex. Bulk Fasteners ARP, Ventura, California, offers Bulk Fasteners in five- packs. They are available as small as 10-32-by-1/2-inch in length all the way up to 1/2-inch-diameter-by- 6-inch length. Made of a proprietary stainless steel alloy that's nominally rated at 170,000-psi tensile strength, the fasteners won't rust, chip or peel. Black oxide-finished 8740 chromoly bolts, also rated at 170,000-psi, are also available. Both are offered in SAE coarse, fine or metric thread, with a choice of 12-point or hex heads. Light Bars, Fog & Driving Lamp Kits HELLA, Peachtree City, Georgia, intro- duces a new line of Optilux LED lights, designed to deliver powerful LED light- ing technology and applications on a wide range of both on- and off-road vehicles. The new LED products offer powerful, cool-white lighting at very low power requirements and are built for durability and long-lasting performance. Available systems include light bars, fog lamp kits and driving lamp kits.

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