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Page 15 of 64 May 2015 | Restyling & tRuck AccessoRies 13 our customers expect us to do whatever it takes to correct the problem. If the problem was a result of the vendor's error or defec- tive product, we expect the vendor to do whatever necessary to correct the situation. If a product needs to be replaced or a ser- vice was not completed to our satisfaction we expect they will treat the situation with a sense of urgency and get it corrected as quickly as possible. Mistakes happen and problems do occur. We understand that. The way the vendor handles these situa- tions when they occur weighs heavily on whether we will continue doing business together or not. If our customer decides they no longer want the product or service, we do expect the vendor to work with us in that regard. Vendors who are willing to go the extra mile when needed to satisfy our customers and resolve issues quickly are vendors we will stay loyal to and continue doing busi- ness with on a regular basis. What are some strategies restyling vendors can adhere to in order to maintain a positive relationship for the long run with a dealership? One of the most beneficial tools restyling vendors can provide their dealership is a warranty on their product or service. We warranty everything we install for three years/36,000 miles, whether the manufac- turer does or not. Working with vendors that also stand behind their work is very beneficial to us. When we are selling a product or ser- vice, our customer expects that what we are telling them about it is accurate and will be completed within the timeframe given. We do not expect any less when purchasing from our vendors. If we are unable to produce what the cus- tomer is expecting because the vendor did not provide us with accurate information, the customer is upset with the dealership, not the vendor we have chosen. Aftermarket accessory purchases are typi- cally impulse purchases. When a customer buys a new vehicle they want to drive it home and show it off as quickly as pos- sible. Having to wait extended periods of time for an aftermarket product or ser- vice to be completed cannot only cost the dealership the accessory sale, but a return customer as well. What are the most popular after- market accessories sold by the dealership? At 707 Performance we like to give our customers as many options as possible. We strive to produce the best quality product, which means we will not install just any- thing. Some of the most popular items we sell, in no specific order, would be per- formance upgrade packages, spray-in bed- liners, suspension modification upgrades, on-site tinting services and electronic upgrades, such as back-up cameras and sensors. Which aftermarket accessories are the biggest profit generators? Our on-site tinting services generate the most profit for us merely because of the large quantity of vehicles tinted every month. Living in Florida and dealing with the brutal heat of the summer makes this product very easy to sell. Do you pre-load vehicles with acces- sories? If so, do you find it helps increase sales of those accessories? Yes, we do pre-load our vehicles with several basic add-on options, such as tint, door edge guards, and pinstripes. These options make the vehicle more visually appealing and are options most customers love to have, but usually don't know to ask. Having these options already installed makes the delivery process much quicker for the customer and also increases our sales. Pre-loading vehicles with our standard upgrades has little effect on our ability to dealer trade. However, it does limit us with our more customized vehicles. The majority of our customers are very happy with the pre-loaded items. For customers that absolutely do not want any options, we have other avenues we look into, such as dealer trade units or ordering a unit. We typically handle those on a case-by-case basis since they do not occur very often. How do you present restyling prod- ucts to the consumer? We use a combination of different tools. Our initial presentation includes verbal consultation and demonstration using POP displays. If the customer is looking for a more customized upgrade, we will add additional visual presentation via com- puter and flat screen TV monitors. Currently we are not using any type of configuration programming. We have an extensive, detailed log of every build we have done that includes professional photographs. We utilize this to show the customer the many different options we are capable of providing. Our biggest selling tool is social media. Staying active with our Facebook and Instagram followers has proven to be very beneficial for us. This has allowed us to showcase our work and reach con- sumers on a much broader level. When a customer purchases a vehicle from our dealership they are introduced to the 707 Performance team and are offered a per- sonalized consultation to discuss the many options available for the vehicle they are purchasing. Most consumers are not aware that these options are available through the dealership and are very happy to learn that they can include certain upgrades into their financing without voiding their fac- tory warranty. Amanda Reeves

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