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36 Restyling & tRuck AccessoRies | May 2015 36 Restyling & tRuck AccessoRies | May 2015 restylingMag.coM tive upgrades, which kept his employees busy conducting installations for auto dealers. When the programs deteriorated, he returned to the solo act. Another time, Ott absorbed business from a local auto fitter that was changing hands, picking up contracts that they didn't have the manpower to handle. "We had maybe a dozen guys going all over the country doing installations of alarms and other stuff and then would get calls to deal with the warranties if there were issues," Ott says. "That was too much." Now, Ott says he's focusing on quality rather than quantity in his busi- ness. "I'm reinventing myself by coming back into the dealer arena," Ott says. "Upgrades were so demanding and so much work that I had to put all of my focus on that. Now, I'm back in dealerships doing fleet graphics for customers with fleet accounts. I'm trying not to do everything for everyone, but instead doing everything for one person and making sure that the job is done right the first time." It's that theory of doing business that led Ott to be named SEMA's Nat Danas Person of the Year in 2014 for his work on the PRO Council, training and main- taining high standards for installers. He is also a member of the PRO Select Com- mittee and has chaired both the SEMA Garage task force, the PRO Certificate Program and has worked on behalf of SEMA in its partnership with the Clemson University International Center for Auto- motive Research. "I've been with SEMA for at least 12 years now and I find that it really helps me learn about how others are doing things that I hadn't thought of before," Ott says. "You can sit back in your shop and see your own world without seeing the potential or opportunities that are out there. With professional organizations like SEMA you get different companies coming in from different areas and we all start talking and find new ways to help each other." One important contact Ott made through SEMA was with Wayne Casimir, Shop profile Ott has made a career of restyling vehicles and learning new skills along the way. "People would ask me if I could do something and I'd just say, 'yes, I can do that,' and then figure it out as I went," he says.

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