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56 Restyling & tRuck AccessoRies | May 2015 and selective where you run the ad. SEMA. org's positions available section is an excel- lent place for your ad, for instance, even if you're a restyler in North Dakota. Chances are much better someone with the special- ized skills you need will see it there rather than in a local help wanted ad. Don't forget to network. Ask your best employees if they know someone who would fit your culture and might be inter- ested in joining, or use your network in the community, through SEMA's councils and committees and other colleagues in the industry to help find the right employee. Conducting Good Interviews Give applicants an honest, accurate view of your business. To attract the top can- didates, you have to sell yourself and your company. Through your questions, cover the job's requirements and be sure to obtain a clear picture of the candidate's attributes. The more you learn about an applicant, the better prepared you are to make your decision. Keep in mind you'll only learn about the candidate when you are lis- tening, but don't be afraid to ask for more information. Understand there are questions you absolutely cannot ask, such as whether or not the applicant is a U.S. citizen, or if English is their native language. The same goes for religion, political or social affiliations, age, marital or family status, gender or any health or physical issues. There are ways you can obtain this infor- mation without offending the candidate, and creating a potential lawsuit. Screening Once you have a list of potential hires, have them sign a release so you can run background checks for criminal and credit histories and verify education claims and references. Some employers insist on drug testing, and if you do be sure this is made clear before they are given an application. Hiring the Right Person Some tips for choosing who to hire are: • Go with your gut; • Accomplishments do matter; • Attitude counts; • Be objective. Three critical elements in hiring the Q ualified employees are vital to a business running smoothly and efficiently, but how do you find the right employees and keep them? Employees and their contributions are a business's most important assets. So, how do you go about finding, selecting and retaining the best people? Decide What You Want According to Yahoo! Small Business, before you start hiring, know what you want. One way is to list the skills, experience, and other attributes you are looking for by category: • Must Have—Skills you do not have the time, money or desire to teach but are critical to the job; • Should Have—Skills an employee should possess to some degree, which can be improved upon; • Nice to Have—What you'd love to have but can live without. Looking in All the Right Places Where do you find most qualified job candidates? Local high schools or trade schools are a good place to start, along with car shows and events where you might see a potential candidate demon- strate their skills, such as a Hot Rodders of Tomorrow competition. Do you participate in job fairs and post detailed job announcements? Working with state or local agencies is a good idea since they post openings in the newspaper and online, where job seekers are looking. Make sure the recruiter understands what skillsets, education, job history and experience you require. The harder it is to find what you need, the wider you must look. View any employment ad as a marketing tool for your company, and make it as appealing as possible. Put a headline on your ad that describes benefits you can offer. Be sure to include your must-have list of skills, experience and education. To get qualified people without having to wade through a sea of appli- cations, be specific about what you say Finding & Retaining Qualified Employees By Jason R. Sakurai 56 Restyling & tRuck AccessoRies | May 2015

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