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March '16

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16 • A&E MARCH 2016 PEOPLE BUY FROM PEOPLE Sales & Marketing tering, Ohio and horse show chairpersons would come in and buy. One of the men I had coming called me and said he was just too busy to keep his appointment that year. He lived just north of Dayton, so I told him I would come to him the next day after my event concluded. My first question was, "How are things going?" He said, "Well I loved the horses when it was a hobby, but now that I am making a business out of it… it is work and the fun is just about gone." If you start selling those you know in your hobby, things might just change, so be prepared. Timing the sale is imperative to both your success and the success of your clients and in order for you both to succeed, you both need some success. Every good deal has got to have some good in it for both parties. The prospect may have someone in charge who you can relate your ideas to better than in the past. What I am saying is that timing is such an important part of being successful and your ideas or products might be great but it will need to be offered at the right time to the right people. And the prospect must be receptive to you and your idea so if you are convinced that your idea is good you might want to try it again if it didn't work before. KEEP LOOKING In temporary conclusion (tempo- rary because we should never conclude anything when it comes to sales), keep looking for new opportunities. It amounts to you getting out of your comfort zone. If you keep doing the same thing you are doing, you will likely continue getting the same results. Whatever you are doing to obtain new clients, stop and start doing something else, something you have never tried. Or maybe you tried it and the time was not right, but now might be a different story. Make sure you are stepping off the normal road you travel because there are so many other ways to attract new business. But you have to do something different. Look at new avenues for business in venues you may have never tried—it is a different world and it is up to you to take advantage of the many opportunities available to you. No rewards will be given to those who don't take the first step. If you have any questions feel free to call 1-317-546-9000 or e-mail me at or write me at Stephen L. Capper A-1 Awards, Inc. 2500 North Ritter Avenue Indianapolis, IN 46218 Stephen Capper, along with his wife, Nora, and their daughters, Jami and Toni, owns and operates A-1 Awards, Inc. in Indianapolis. He has been associated with the awards and rec- ognition industry since 1958, and has given numerous seminars since 1979. A&E

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