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March '16

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A&E MARCH 2016 • 21 Laser Engraving OTHER PRODUCTS JDS Industries sells an application tape called the Glass Laser Tape designed to help laser engravers deal with the minute fracturing that takes place when laser engraving glass. The Glass Laser Tape is applied to the surface prior to laser engraving. It is recommended that you use a squeegee when applying the glass laser tape, which will help minimize any air bubbles. Tom Leitheiser, fabrication manager, says that users experience a more natural frosted look when they actually perform two laser passes on the glass piece when using the Glass Laser Tape. Due to the aggressive nature of the adhesive found on the Glass Laser Tape, the clean-up process can take additional time and labor. Leitheiser suggests that people use a plastic blade to scrape off the excess tape to speed up the process. Another sugges- tion is to soak the completed glass piece in warm water, which helps loosen and soften the adhesive. If your project requires sandblasting, you can still use laser friendly products. Shown on the left is the new Blazer Orange Mask, which contains a light adhesive requiring minimal clean up. The green Laser Tape provides a more aggressive adhesive, which reduces the chance of a blowout but can take additional time to clean up. You can soak these masks, after sandcarving, in warm water to speed up the process. KERN LASER SYSTEMS is the leader in providing C0 large format laser cutting and engraving equipment designed to handle your demanding production schedule. world-class laser system manufacturer UPGRADE YOUR EQUIPMENT ADVANCING LASER TECHNOLOGY | KERNLASERS.COM | MADE IN THE USA Large Format HSE CO Laser System CONTACT US TODAY! 218-631-2755 tel 888-660-2755 toll free 218-631-3476 fax 2 2

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