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March '16

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32 • A&E MARCH 2016 PRODUCT FOCUS New cutter material Spectra Perform Cut, offered from Imprintables Warehouse, is an ultrathin cutter material specifically designed for doing intri- cate designs on difficult fabrics. It has a matte finish and can be applied to polyester, nylon, leather, Spandex and Lycra. It offers excellent stretch and rebound and leaves a soft hand, the company says. It comes in a 20" width in lengths of 1 yard, 5 yards, 10 yards and 25 yards. It must be cold peeled. 800-347-0068 New lead crystal line Topmost World Inc. introduces the new Bohemia Lead Crystal line. Each bevel and cut is done by hand by Czech glass workers. These pieces are the ultimate in show-stopping brilliance, with a weight that accentuates their value and bevels that refract a maximum amount of light, says the company. 800-528-8388 New lettering layout guide The new Stahls' Lettering Layout Guide allows users to create straight, arched and slanted pre-spaced text without a cutter. A 20" standard ruler is labeled across the bottom, along with a split ruler for centering. The layout guide also includes multiple options for arched and circle text with guidelines for both. The layout guide comes in a textured laminate. High Tack Magic Mask 3.6" X 20" strips are included with the layout guide. 800-478-2457 Compact fiber laser metal cutting system GCC announces its new addition to its L a s e r P r o l i n e u p s : F M C 2 8 0 , a l a s e r metal cutting system that comes with a 28" X 14.5" work area with peak power 1.5kW fiber laser for metal cutting. The FMC280 features a compact laser system with a fiber laser source to handle thin metal cutting. It is ideal for specialized engineering products, prototyping, educa- tion and customization jobs, says the company. 909-718-0248

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