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40 • A&E MARCH 2016 SUBLIMATION QUICK STOP Sublimation By Kevin Lumberg & TJ Kvilhaug BACK IN THE DAY Just a couple decades ago, pictures were taken using a camera with film. The film was then sent off to be developed, often without the knowledge of whether there were usable or good pictures in it. It was like photo roulette. After the photos were shuffled through a few times, they were placed into photo albums, hung on a wall, or placed on a shelf and displayed. We have lost a little of the tactile feel of photos, and in a way, we have lost a little of that connection to the past. CURRENT TIME We know that tens of billions of photos currently exist in the digital realm, and we know that people like to display and show off photos. It is up to you to find a way to help your customers display their photos. A way exists: it is with sublimation, more specifically in the form of sublimated photo panels. Chromaluxe has a vast assortment of sizes, shapes and styles available for the current day sublimator. And best of all, they are archival, vandal proof, virtually indestructible, and easy and quick to sub- limate. The Chromaluxe panels are also available in gloss, matte or satin finishes depending on the look your customer wants to achieve. They are available in .045 thickness aluminum or 5/8-inch thick MDF panels. The aluminum panels are also avail- able in a brushed silver look, and the MDF panels are available in a natural wood finish for completely unique images. The finished images are stun- T he explosion of digital photography can be seen everywhere. Almost everyone has a digital camera (cell phone), and digital images are posted and shared all over the social media spectrum. But where is the final resting place for those billions and billions of digital photos? Many are simply erased, but the vast majority simply finish out the rest of their time buried on a hard drive on a lonely outdated computer, never to be seen again. That is really a shame, but it's a problem that you can help your customers with and make a profit for your business at the same time. More Than Just a Photo Panel ALL IMAGES COURTESY KEVIN LUMBERG AND TJ KVILHAUG An example of using edge grippers and standoffs.

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