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March '16

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42 • A&E MARCH 2016 SUBLIMATION QUICK STOP ning and will be of a resolution quality limited only by the image quality that your customer sends you. HOW DO YOU SUBLIMATE THEM? Among the sublimatable products, Chromaluxe panels are some of the eas- iest to do. You want to print the images onto sublimation paper using the highest quality settings you have for your sublima- tion printer. Your distributor should be able to help you and make sure you are set up correctly for your printer. Once you have printed the transfer, tape it to the Chromaluxe panel using heat tape. If you are doing the MDF panels, make sure to pull the paper around to the back and tape it to the back. Otherwise the tape can pull off the film on the edge of the panel. Make sure to print your image slightly larger than your panel. For instance, if you are sublimating an 8-by-10-inch panel, make your image 8.1 inches by 10.1 inches big. That will allow you to place the printed image face up on a table and center the Chromaluxe panel on the printed image. Make sure to remove the adhesive pro- tective covering on the front of the panel before heat pressing. The heat tape will hold it in place while you place it onto the heat press. Your pressing time will depend on the size of the panel, but gen- erally it will only be about a minute to a minute and a half at 400 degrees. We like to remove the used sublimation paper immediately after pressing and cool the panel as quickly as possible. If you place it on a solid hard surface like metal or glass, the heat will quickly be sucked out of the metal to cool it. You can also place it on a wire cookie rack with a fan blowing on the metal to cool it quickly. Be careful with the edges of the metal when it is hot, as the coating along the edge is very delicate while hot. You want to avoid any chipping if you were to hit the edge on a hard surface. Once the Chromaluxe panel is cooled, it is finished. HOW DO YOU DISPLAY THEM? Some of the smaller panels have easel backs for easy desktop or shelf top dis- play. For larger MDF panels, they come keyed on the back for easy hanging. For the aluminum panels, adhesive blocks A Chromaluxe panel mounted in a frame.

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