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46 • A&E MARCH 2016 ROAD TO SUBLIMATION SUCCESS Cashing in on Cuff Bracelets By David Gross O ne of our best selling dye-sub products is the cuff bracelet. I credit my good friend Gaby Mullinax, owner of Fullerton Photographics and current president of PMA, with cre- ating the cuff bracelet category about five years ago. Available in a large selection of shapes, sizes and finishes, they are one of the easiest and quickest products to sublimate and are capable of reproducing almost any design or photograph with amazing clarity and color fidelity. Cuff bracelets are the perfect product because they can be made to fit almost any personality or style preference. There are endless design possibilities including photographs of pets, chil- dren, artwork, floral patterns, names and monograms. Unisub's .03" and ChromaLuxe's .045" thick metal blanks are available in white, gold and clear aluminum, and in a choice of gloss, semi- gloss and matte finishes. Unique shapes with names such as Geneva, Chevron and Crete are available in addition to the more traditional rectangular shapes. All styles have rounded edges to provide maximum comfort, and due to the aluminum's malleability, finished bracelets can be adjusted for a comfortable fit. Boutique and gift shops will jump at the opportunity to offer this product to their customers. Since this form of wholesale fulfill- ment allows you to hire these shops to be your sales force, you'll need to provide them with a pre-made sample kit, a "look book" containing style/color options, and an order form. How to make a bracelet If you are sublimating one bracelet at a time, I recommend using our 3.5-by-7-inch precut paper. I also recommend that you sublimate applicable re-order information on the backside of the bracelet, e.g., website, style number, logo. The bracelet's backside will not sublimate as well as the top, but it gets the job done. After sublimation, bending the bracelet with Unisub's bracelet bending tool (sold separately) will produce a perfectly symmetrical accessory. For high volume folks, I recommend the Accucutter Precision roller. To view an informative video on this product, visit Condé's collection of instructional and educational videos available at Testimonials Taylor Jones (above) "I am a professional photographer who uses dye-sublimation to showcase my work. The photo aluminum cuffs allow me to offer fine art photography at an affordable price. I sell my pieces online at my website,, on Amazon, at green markets and plant shows, in area gift boutiques, botanical gardens, and in a few art galleries in South Florida. I also provide cuffs to some select non-profits." Calagaz Photo (top image) "Cuff bracelets are one of our top sellers. They're great gifts for any age. We use them as a quick and easy gift that showcases photos of families. It's a creative way for customers to show off their families, pets or anything else. We use them as photo tools to showcase life. Not only do we put photographs on them, we also market them with patterns, colors, monograms or names." David Gross is president of Condé Systems Inc. of Mobile, Alabama. He can be reached by email at IMAGE COURTESY TAYLOR JONES IMAGE COURTESY CALAGAZ PHOTO

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