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March '16

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A&E MARCH 2016 • 53 Sandcarving to the new one so that the blasting den- sity could be matched. It is one thing to draw a design, but to blast it is quite another. While the designs took shape, I selected specific areas of a com- pleted design so that Damian from our graphics department could cut a stencil of that design portion and send it off to Pat as a practice piece. This was the overall process Pat and I had discussed—as the designs were being finalized, we sent him small stencils of specific design elements for him to prac- tice on. He got plenty of glass pieces to work on while we ordered the actual glass panels to be made. All panels would be made from 3/8- inch thick crystal clear glass with all sides flat edge polished. Since Pat was also considering installing some LED lights into the framework, we wanted to make sure that the edges of the glass were polished to allow the light to illu- minate the blasted areas well. In the meantime, Pat learned the value of blasting sample pieces. He blasted them (sometimes more than once) until he felt familiar with the way to create the For Advertising Inquiries, call: (800) 669-0424 Made in USA

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