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March '16

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56 • A&E MARCH 2016 ETCH MASTERS building. Most of the house and barn ele- ments would be carved, but when con- sidering the window and door openings, we knew right away that we were going to shade them. That's how we started in the sample pieces. Looking at the result, we decided to carve the main entrance door to the house so it would not look open and/or abandoned. Some details were changed in the gable of the house and a doorframe got added to the barn door. The Path We did not want the path to look completely white since we already had so many white surfaces in the design. This prompted us to experiment with textures. Adding some light shading to the water surface. Pat working on the project while constantly checking his pattern and making notes as he goes along. Practicing carving the horses. After looking at the practice piece, we decided to add some details to the roofs of the buildings, the gables, and the front door of the house. A finished practice piece with the simplified version of the buildings. Playing with the texture of the pathway.

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