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March '16

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A&E MARCH 2016 • 57 Sandcarving The best way to create an uneven, organic texture is to use a liquid resist, which can be painted, drawn or stip- pled onto the glass, giving a more organic feel than a hard cut edge of a resist would produce. Our liquid resist of choice: Elmer's Glue. The Landscape In order to keep with the overall clean and simple appearance of the designs in all panels, we did not want to introduce too much detail and/or texture for the landscape. This is why the other trees were abstracted into basic shapes, and only a few grasses were introduced. We decided to mostly shade the landscape to give the appear- ance of distance and atmosphere. Here, Pat got quite skillful in his shading techniques—the areas are uniform and have gentle transitions. Shading is one of the hardest techniques to master, but once acquired, can add so much to a design. All in all, I think that Pat did an excellent job rendering this panel. Keep in mind that he is not a profes- sional glass worker but is doing this as a hobby, with passion. © Ruth L Dobbins 2016 With over 35 years in the glass business, Ruth Dobbins offers experience in fused and cast glass, as well as in glass-etching techniques. Ruth holds a Master's Degree in Printmaking and Art History and has been a partner in a stained and fused glass wholesale supply company in Europe, which also placed great emphasis on a training program. For 20 years, she col- laborated with her husband Norm Dobbins in commission work, writing books and creating videotapes on how-to techniques for glass etching. Norm & Ruth taught these techniques for 30 years in the U.S. and other countries. Ruth continues these venues by offering a complete training pro- gram at Aliento School in Santa Fe, New Mexico, and by teaching at various trade shows. One-on-one training and consulting services are also offered. You can reach Ruth by email at, by phone at 505-473-9203. A&E Share your latest industry news with your target market! Contact Natalie Frels: 800-669-0424, ext 247 Got News? 10 year anniversary Compact to mid-size laser engravers for maxximum flexxibility CO 2 and fiber laser integrated into a single machine. Patented. Cut, mark and engrave virtually anything in a single job. Every Speedy is "ready for flexx"– upgrade it whenever you want. Be prepared, where ever your business may develop. One Machine, Two Laser Sources, Endless Possibilities Speedy fl exx laser machines Compact to mid-size laser engravers for maxximum flexxibility Expand your business. Contact us to learn more. (734) 992-5999 marking cutting engraving

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