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June '16

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18 • A&E JUNE 2016 by Richard Korbyl LASER ENGRAVING APPLICATIONS Creativity can also be found in how you go about perfecting your laser cutting techniques. Many laser operators know that a better cut can be found when using a laser cutting table. Laser cutting tables are often known as honeycomb tables due to a grid that resembles a honeycomb. A honeycomb table is typically inserted on top of the existing laser bed, and the laser cutting table is usually made of metal or some type of fire-retardant material. There are many variations of a laser cutting table, but the essential element is that it mini- mizes contact with the actual product and the laser table. By minimizing the contact of the product with the underneath laser bed, you reduce the chance of the laser beam reflecting off the table and burning the backside of the product. Mike Dean, vice president of sales and marketing for Epilog Lasers, says, "The only way to avoid backside burning is to lift your material off the solid table and give the W hen it comes to laser engraving, there are times when you have to be rather creative. Whether designing a unique award, engraving a creative sign, or laser cutting some in- tricate parts, you are going to have to tap into that creative part of your brain. But being creative is not just restricted to your design capabilities when laser engraving. Creativity can be found in how you design a hold- ing fixture. Ingenuity can be found when dealing with your workflow. You can also be inventive in how you perfect your laser settings on unknown substrates. Cutting into Your Creative Mind VARIATIONS ON LASER CUTTING TABLES If you choose to laser cut products without the use of a laser cutting table, you run the risk of marking your existing laser bed and the underneath of your product. James Minchau of Trotec Lasers shows off their honeycomb laser cutting table. Minchau recommends you keep your laser table flat when in storage. IMAGE COURTESY RICHARD KORBYL IMAGE COURTESY JAMES MINCHAU

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