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June '16

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20 • A&E JUNE 2016 LASER ENGRAVING APPLICATIONS Laser Engraving turer. The majority of laser manufacturers retail a version of a honeycomb or blade table. The pin system table is available from Rowmark and is commonly known as the RACKSTAR. These premade and pre- tested tables can cost anywhere from a few hundred dollars to over $1,500. There are even third-party companies who sell a variety of pre-made tables. One such com- pany is LaZer Cutting Grids based out of Wentzville, Missouri. As I mentioned previously, laser engravers will sometimes need to be cre- ative. This can be especially true with the creation of your own laser cutting table. Laser operators who decide to create their own laser cutting table are usually after something practical, effective and most importantly, affordable. One such creative mind is Vladimir Sturlev who not only chose to create his own version of a laser cutting table, but also decided to show in detail how to make a similar table. Sturlev, who is located in Vancouver, Washington, uses his laser for both hobby purposes and for his electronic device designs. His table creation, which he calls "The Better Design," costs about Vladimir Sturlev stands in front of his laser holding his laser cutting table creation, which he calls "The Better Design". IMAGES COURTESY VLADIMIR STURLEV With a combination of aluminum tubing, rod, metal wire and ingenuity, a functional laser cutting table can be made.

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