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June '16

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26 • A&E JUNE 2016 PRODUCT FOCUS LED mounting solution Gyford StandOff Systems introduces LED StandOffs. With LED StandOffs, users can make a signage design as intricate as they can imagine, states the company. This is done by etching or engraving directly onto material such as glass or plexi with a variety of methods including laser engraving. The LED StandOffs act as a mounting solution and illuminate the engraving on the sign. 775-829-7272 Laser tool Epilog Laser releases the new eView Camera Module for the Fusion M2 Laser. The eView Camera Module is a tool for cut- ting pre-printed/processed graphics on acrylic, wood, cardboard, paper, fabric appliqué and more. The eView makes cutting printed graphics easy and produces precise results from anywhere on the table, says the company. 303-277-1188 Various laser engraving supplies JDS Industries offers a variety of laser engraving supplies. Lazr- Clean is a cleaning product for keeping laser engravers clean on the inside and out. It is a 100 percent natural, biodegradable, all-purpose cleaning solution. Glass Laser Tape helps prevent flaking and gives a crisp, clean edge on crystal or glass pieces. Also available is a Masking Tape for laser engraving wood products. LazerDark Color Spray virtually eliminates wicking that can occur on porous woods. 800-843-8853

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