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62 • A&E JUNE 2016 bread-and-butter offerings and that of promotional products, be certain not to pay the same commission rate on sales of both. Have one commission rate for high-profit goods and another for lower ones. Impress upon your sales team that the reasons you are offering promotional products in the first place is two-fold— one, for the one-stop shopping convenience of your current customers and, secondly, to improve the sales revenue stream for your business. THE RESTAURATEUR'S APPROACH Allow me to offer this analogy when it comes to positioning promotional products in your market. They are either appetizers or desserts, not the main course or signature entrée. Let's assume for a moment that you are pursuing the perfect prospective client—one who already has a well-established internal service and recognition program—and you're chopping away at it, but no chips are flying. Maybe you need to whet their appetite and show them the type W hether it's the local school board or the campaign for the next president of the United States, every election is an opportunity to grow your promotional product business with politically geared items. From campaigns and voter registration to rallies and more, there are many opportunities to use promotional products to help market the candidate. Following are a few political item suggestions to add to your promotional products arsenal. POPULAR PRODUCT IDEAS There is always a campaign going on, especially at the local level. This being a presidential election year guarantees a spike in sales of promotional products across the board. Popular political promotional products include: • Printed materials such as a postcard, brochure, mailer or magnet • Lapel pins • Yard signs—small and large (supporters love to plant these in their yards) • Buttons • Stickers Parties rely on promotional products for their giveaways and handouts along the campaign trail. Buttons and stickers are also the perfect way for voters to display, "I voted!" on their lapel, or as a further demonstration of support for a cause or candidate. Many campaigns, candidates and causes also provide contribution thank you gifts for donors, such as bumper stickers or ribbons. During a presidential election year, it's common for candidates to create online stores where supporters can buy custom promotional items showing their representative's name or motto. The most popular swag for showing candidate support include: • Wearables: T-shirts, hoodies, hats and tote bags. These products are great because the wearers are sporting the message around town, furthering the promotional value each time they wear it with innumerable impressions. • Promotional beverage insulators, coffee mugs and lanyards. Beverage insulators and lanyards are perfect giveaway items because of their inexpensive price tag, and they're also useful to have around at events for volunteers and attendees to use. Promotional products have the ability to get people talking. As such, many politicians are trending toward more unique and memorable promotional products to offer their constituents. These items range from yoga pants to baby bibs, and even custom spatulas. ELECTION EVENTS Beyond candidate and party promotions, election years present a constant stream of events at which promotional products make an appearance. Rallies, conferences, fairs and debates are perfect opportunities for foam fingers, blow up clappers and noisemakers, and motorized fans that light up with a candidate's name or phrase. In addition to all of these, there's plenty of room for red, white and blue items or American flag decorated merchandise. Elections present a profitable opportunity to awards retailers. In a single month, Donald Trump spent almost a million dollars on promotional products for his political campaign; that's only one of many candidates relying on custom products as one of their marketing strategies. And it's not only the parties themselves doing the purchasing. Local political and activist groups tend to purchase event packages including: • Mailers • Stickers • Yard sales (signage) It's never a bad time to get into the political promotions market, and a national election year like this is certainly a prime time to start. Let's Talk Politics Popular political items to add to your arsenal By Jansen White, PPAI Marketing Manager

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