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A&E JUNE 2016 • 71 Graphic Design Poor Mel. I knew at once she fell victim to the name of the software— CorelDraw—not so much false adver- tising as mistaken identity. Brushes, paint and pencils do your bidding almost without complaint. CorelDraw is a valid program for creating artwork on the computer, but the road you travel down is quite different. What Mel imag- ined and wanted to happen just wasn't happening at all. I calmed her down and we started from the beginning. I explained the rather unusual way that vector graphic software goes about making images. Once she understood that, we started in on the brushes. In a past article, I focused on the Bezier tool and its use as the core of the software, meaning that once you have that down the rest of the software falls into place. The Bezier tool can be used to fix even the most complicated graphic. It's at the heart of what a vector graphic is. Brushes allow you to make more complex vector graphics quicker than is possible using just the Bezier tool. That speed is accompanied by a degree of lack of control, but the effects are inter- esting and can be quite useful, especially when you factor in color, color blends and transparency. Because the effects are more spontaneous, they are gener- ally more successful once you've devel- oped some facility in handling. Since the mouse is not an easy drawing tool to master, using a tablet and pressure sensitive stylus will generally produce optimum results. Let's have at those brushes. (fig 1) In the toolbar, fourth item down, the Freehand tool appears by default— Visit today for the latest news and information! Award-winning solutions. Tried, tested, trusted. It's easy with BOFA. Call: (618) 205 5007 BOFA AMERICAS, INC EMAIL: WEB: L A S E R E N G R AV I N G Fume Extraction and Filtration Systems

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