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ALL IMAGES COURTESY BRENNA WALSH S o, you have decided to expand into the personalized gift market, but how can you incorporate this into your current business? Here are a few marketing tools that will help. HOW TO INTRODUCE PERSONALIZED GIFTS 1. Who do you want to sell to? Are you look- ing for new customers or broadening the horizons with your current customers? Answer these questions before starting your sales approach. 2. Start with items that will not disrupt your current business. Step into something you are comfortable with and your existing customers won't balk at. 3. Know your own resources. What equip- ment do you have in order to do the per- sonalization? Do you have the staff to handle the new work and to keep items updated in your store? 4. In what areas do you want to grow your business: corporate, gifts, promotional items, etc.? Start with items in the area you want to expand and watch how they are received. You may need to switch things up a few times to get the response you are hoping for. HINTS FOR DISPLAY OPTIONS 1. If possible, set up a display in your front widow. Sometimes one single item can catch the eye of a customer that can set off a storm of purchases. 2. Locate new and interesting merchandise between the front door and the cash reg- ister. That way your customer has to walk by it in order to pay—this will make them hesitate and look a bit more. 3. Try to make a smooth transition from one type of item to the next. For exam- ple, don't place a medal display next to a plaque display. These two items will rarely cross the same market. However, business card holders are a great custom item and could easily progress into plaques for cor- porate giveaways and awards. 4. Put items right by the cash register or in other high traffic areas for impulse buys. How to Market and Sell PERSONALIZED GIFTS B y B r e n n a W a l s h For brick and mortar shops, setting up a display in a front window is a great option to display customizable gifts. 8 • A&E MID-JUNE 2016

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