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August '16

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A&E AUGUST 2016 • 25 "So I go out there. The showroom is just a pile of rubble. I'm throwing every- thing there to put in my truck to take to the dump. It's just a total disaster… I open the door and the lady is standing there with a big wine bottle under her arms, a three-liter bottle. She introduced herself and she said, 'I see on your window you do glass etching. Would that also include wine bottle etching?'" Wilkinson recounts. Breaking away from the story, he explains, "To tell you the truth, I had never etched a piece of glass, except the one that I took at a class at a trade show at Vegas. We did one in the glass. We bought the sand- glass unit, had it shipped here, and it was still in the shrink wrap in the shop area. I had never even considered doing wine bot- tles. I didn't know you could do it," he says. Rosa Creek separates the commercial area from suburban homes to the south. The lease was signed. A painter covered the windows in white and lettered signs announcing that an awards store offering glass etching and promotional special- ties would open soon. "I was working in the back, building my office, putting (drywall) up and stuff," Dennis Wilkinson recalls. "I hear this 'tick, tick, tick' from a key clicking on a glass door, somebody clicking on the front door. With provided art, Dennis Wilkinson etched, hand-painted and air-brushed these bottles, which were sold at auction. Completing each bottle took a long time, Wilkinson says.

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