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8 • THE GUIDE 2016 • A&E In this article, we will look at how I believe you can take your business to another level without changing every- thing, but by taking advantage of what you already have: existing clients. Without clients and especially sales, no business can survive. Continue to read slowly and carefully and let me know if I can help you personally after you have studied this article. Then take your thoughts and create your own plan to go forward. THINK, LISTEN; THINK AGAIN, EXECUTE All of us might have started our dream of being in business on a kitchen table then progressed to the garage or the extra bedroom. Then you realized if this dream was going to become a business, you had to make life-changing decisions for you. That meant an investment in rent, a monthly electric bill, heating/cooling expense, a telephone bill, taxes, insurance, and a host of other obligations. It can all be worth it if you are serious and you really want it to happen. But what is it that you need to change to make it happen; what will you choose to offer within your four walls? Hello, walls? You have established a collection of products that you have sold at this point and you are developing your client base— the prospective clients have become loyal to you and your business because of your service and the special interest you have taken in these folks. Great, but how do you continue to grow within your four walls? WHAT DO I NEED TO BECOME MORE PROFITABLE? Are you searching for another segment of business that is more profitable? We often think that the grass is greener on the other side of the fence, but we also should understand that diamonds might M any of you are alike—you want to do more business, but you don't know whom you are going to sell this new business to. You have tried to have the right awards at the right price, but your volume and your profit margins are not gaining. If your volume is increasing and your profit margins aren't increasing at the same rate be- cause expenses continue to increase… how do you correct this concern? By Stephen L. Capper, CRM BUSINESS TIPS Hello, Walls… WHAT DO I NEED TO OFFER?

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