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18 • THE GUIDE 2016 • A&E It's that time again—the software upgrade marathon! The yellow road sign says LEARNING CURVE AHEAD and soon, in addition to everything else that you do, you'll be pedaling a little harder for a while as you try to make it over that hump. The good news is that there are always valuable improvements waiting for you on the other side. Corel's new version CorelDrawX8 is no exception. In addition to some useful new tools and components, there are a number of behind-the-scenes structural changes that will help you keep up with the ever-evolving hardware, components and systems available. The thing that struck me most about CorelDrawX8 is that Corel has been lis- tening carefully and has gone out of its way to meet users half-way and help us up and over that hump. I'm impressed. The underlying theme is flexibility in order to make room at the table for all its users, whether demanding profes- sionals or first-time users and everyone in between. That begins with flexible options in how you pay for Corel X8. One of Corel's competitors made a mistake, in my opinion, by only allowing their product to be available by lease. In some ways, leasing is a good thing since, instead of having to come up with a large sum of money to own a copy of the soft- ware upfront, for a much smaller monthly fee, users simply subscribe to have access to the software. However, it might not be ideal for everyone. I can envision scenarios in which, for whatever reason, the subscrip- tion fee doesn't make it in on time and zap!, your software disappears from your desktop and you are cut off from being able to do business at all. I was waiting for that subscribing shoe to drop when I heard about the Corel upgrade, industry trends being what they are. And so it did, but in my opinion, Corel got it right. They understood that users are diverse and opted to provide a variety of options instead of one-size-fits- T his column is being written to demonstrate practical uses of CorelDraw for those working within the awards and engraving industry. For those new to Corel, I suggest concentrating on the basics from books, media, seminars or tutoring, with the aim of becom- ing productive as soon as possible. By Jim Sadler GRAPHIC DESIGN TIPS What's New? CorelDraw X8 (All images courtesy Jim Sadler)

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