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42 • A&E SEPTEMBER 2016 either of those ink channels. You would make those colors lighter by limiting the amount of ink of that color you lay on the paper with the RIP program. You can also mix regular colors of sublima- tion ink with your fluorescent ink colors to create different fluorescent colors. For example, if you want to print a fluorescent green color, using the RIP program, you would tell the printer to lay down fluorescent yellow sub- limation ink along with some regular cyan sublimation ink. This may sound really com- plicated, but there is a tool to make this process seamless and easy. The tool is a Named Color Palette. The Named Color Palette is installed on your RIP program, and you will have a color palette installed on your graphics program with a set of Named Colors. This palette is available in both CorelDraw and Adobe (Photoshop and Illustrator) format. The Named Color Pal- ette is the recipe book for each color of your color palette. You can print and sublimate your Named Color Palette, which has the CMYK values for each color printed underneath each color swatch. You will use the Named Color Palette to spot color your graphic in your graphics pro- gram, and when the Named Color Palette is used to design the vector image and then imported into your RIP program, the program will read the Named Color, and then use the correct ink color mixture to produce the color you need. This also includes an extensive list of different shades of fluorescent colors. FLUORESCENT IN SIGNAGE Fluorescent colors do not stop in apparel. They can be a big addition to the signage industry as well. Since fluorescent colors are more visible, it can help make your signs more visible. This can also be the place where fluo- rescent image is paired with a black light to make areas of the sign glow. In conclusion, fluorescent colors can be used in a multitude of ways to brighten up business. Kevin Lumberg is a Sublimation Sales Specialist and TJ Kvilhaug is a Large Format Sublimation Account Manager at Johnson Plastics. Visit Johnson Plastics on the web at For further information, Kevin can be reached at 800-869-7800 ext. 5737 or by email at kevinl@johnsonplastics. com. TJ can be reached at 800-869-7836 or by email at SUBLIMATION AND UV-LED FULL-COLOR SOLUTIONS Sublimation A&E (right) Sign with fluorescent components. (below) Fluorescent sublimated seat cushion.

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