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8 • A&E OCTOBER 2016 THE LATEST INFORMATION ABOUT PEOPLE AND PLACES News Send your news items, along with accompanying photos, in a concise press release to Natalie Jane Frels, Digital Content Editor, at Photos should be in a tiff or jpeg format with a minimum resolu- tion of 300ppi, and a minimum size of 5 inches wide. For more news items, check out ID Plates Launches Fundraising Program, Products to Back the Blue Located seven miles from where five Dallas Police Department officers were killed in action on July 7, Mesquite, Texas-based manufacturing company Identification Plates Inc. is inviting its distributors to partner in raising money for the Dallas Police Association's Assist the Officer Foundation, a charity that aids in supporting the families of injured or fallen Dallas police officers, by offering Back the Blue and #DallasStrong products through its new website, Honors by ID Plates. The company wanted to do something to give back to a community in mourning. "Living in Dallas, it was extremely tough for our community," ID Plates Vice President of Marketing Jaclyn Wyatt tells A&E magazine. "A lot of our employees have friends and family on the police force, so within the next two or three days, employees were coming to me asking, 'What can we do?'" Wyatt decided to approach her father, a retired police officer, for advice. "I said, 'We want to raise money, but is there any real value to lapel pins and bracelets?'" Wyatt recalls. "He told me, 'As a police officer, you're alone quite a bit. So when you see somebody with something like a bracelet saying Back the Blue, as a police officer, it means so much.' "And that was something I never considered because I've never been a police officer," Wyatt adds. Within 24 hours, the group of employees had ideas for pins and bracelets. Within 48 hours, was live, offering 12 products featuring Back the Blue and #DallasStrong designs. ID Plates is offering a variety of designs to distributors at 50 percent off, with 50 percent of all proceeds going to the Assist the Officer Foundation—a non-profit specifically chosen by the company because 100 percent of all funds raised go directly to the families of injured or fallen officers. Though the program and site were only launched recently, the company has received posi- tive feedback from some excited distributors who are making it their own. One distributor, for example, plans to etch police dogs' names into the dog tags to give back to its local law enforcement agency. "I can already see that the community is really picking up on it. It's not us just trying to sell these items. It means a lot more than just bringing somebody in the door. It's showing support to our local heroes that often are not feeling that kind of support," Wyatt says. ID Plates is also soliciting fundraising opportunities with bigger organizations such as the Texas Motor Speedway, which is hosting an upcoming Back the Blue race; however, the endeavor is still very much a grassroots effort, she explains. "Our employees are going out and making connections." The company plans to add a few more items and variations on the established products based on feedback from distributors. The end goal is to present the funds raised through Honors by ID Plates to the Assist the Officer Foundation at a special event in the future. For more information, visit The view the full story, visit IDBackBlue. Engraving Concepts Doubles Size of Houston Location Engraving Concepts announces the expansion of its Houston branch, 9001 Airport Blvd., Ste. 508. At the time of publication, the space was 1,000 square feet, but the company demolished walls to expand into the suite next door, adding an additional 1,000 square feet to the location for a total of 2,000 square feet. Engraving Concepts General Manager Jeanette Brewer-Rich- ardson tells A&E magazine that the opportunity to expand fell into the company's lap after the tenant of the suite next door moved out a few months ago. "We weren't really looking to expand, but since the opportunity opened up, we jumped on it," Brewer-Richardson says. The expansion will house office and storage space, but it will also allow for larger class sizes for Jimmy DuBose's monthly Corel training, as well as other events in the future. Currently, these seminars host about six people. The new space will be able to hold 20-25 people, she boasts. " We d i d n 't a n t i c i p a t e t h e Houston location taking off as much as it has," Brewer-Richardson says, adding that the company has occupied the building for only two years. "We're thrilled that we need the extra space." Issue Correction In the September issue of A&E, an article profiling Glassmith2 was featured on page 44. There were a few errors run in the article that the company would like to clarify: The original name of Wiley Smith's business was The Glass- Smith as opposed to The Glassmith. Braden Todd originally contacted the Bolder Boulder organizers about selling some of his work at a local art gallery as opposed to the event's expo. Braden Todd began supplying awards to Ironman in 2011 and, in 2015, became a partner—Glassmith2 now provides all the trophies for about 40 Ironman events around North America as opposed to the country. The company added Ironman events in Panama and Puerto Rico to their business in 2016, and it hopes to do so again in 2017. In one of the image captions on page 45, the race was ren- dered as the 5430 Sprint Marathon. That race is actually the 5430 Sprint Triathlon.

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