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October '16

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A&E OCTOBER 2016 • 15 Sales & Marketing with good margins. It is difficult to sell both in the same sale; however, the good news is that there is a market for both. You must make the decision for the direction of your business. This is something you need to think ahead on and be prepared with your offering before you sit down in front of the client and offer what you are selling. Don't try to figure this out in front of the client; think ahead and be prepared before you talk to the pros- pect or client. WHO IS THE REAL BUYER? LEARN TO LISTEN TO THE BUYER Think about who you are selling to. What is their age, where do they live, what is the activity they are buying for? If they are a new client, why are they giving you the chance and maybe leaving their last supplier? So many people who are just starting to sell spend their time talking instead of listening—it's hard to learn from the prospect when we are talking. Many beginning sales people have a message and they want to make sure they don't forget anything, so they hurry to tell their story. The fact is that the prospect wants to tell you their story. Give them a chance and then listen to what they tell you. Then mirror what the prospect tells you when you begin to tell your story. THINK ABOUT WHAT ELSE THE PROSPECT MIGHT BUY IF YOU OFFER IT What is my client buying from me now, but more importantly, what about these points: • What is my client capable of buying from me? Got News? Share your latest industry news with your target market! Contact Natalie Frels: 800-669-0424, ext 247 Made in USA

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