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October '16

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A&E OCTOBER 2016 • 17 Sales & Marketing for new products that are profitable and items that will attract new cores of business. I have heard several friends of mine in the awards business make statements like, "I don't want to get out of my field," and, "I need to stay in the field I understand and relate to." But I believe we need to learn as much as we can and then apply what we learn to improve our business and grow it. We must teach ourselves to realize that we don't know everything but if we listen, we can learn. Our clients have ideas as to what they want, and if we are going to keep these clients, we must listen to the buyer—they will tell us what we need to have available to serve them. Our busi- ness is the business of serving the client; the client is the boss and it is our job to serve the boss. Grow your business by learning about a different mix of items and production ideas and processes that create new, desir- able products that appeal to our clients. It is imperative to realize that our approach to our existing clients must be as if they are new clients. Don't assume they are going to buy. It is important not to be complacent but work for the order just like you did when you landed the first order from a client. Don't be one who thinks that knowing the process will enable you to manage and operate your business successfully. What I mean by this statement is that in order to run your business and provide enough profit to sustain your growth and main- tain your obligations, you must know the ins and outs of running your business. It won't be who knows how to run the machines or has the knowledge of how to do the various processes. It will be the person who knows how to conduct com- merce with the control of the elements of good business principles. No matter what business you are in, the principles of good business are gen- erally concurrent with success. In the next article, we will look at some of these important principles that can help you go to the next level. I look forward to our visit next month. If you have any questions, feel free to call 1-317-546-9000 or e-mail me at or write me at Stephen L. Capper A-1 Awards, Inc. 2500 North Ritter Avenue Indianapolis, IN 46218 Stephen Capper, along with his wife, Nora, and their daughters, Jami and Toni, owns and operates A-1 Awards, Inc. in Indianapolis. He has been associated with the awards and rec- ognition industry since 1958, and has given numerous seminars since 1979. A&E

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