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18 • A&E OCTOBER 2016 by Richard Korbyl LASER ENGRAVING APPLICATIONS Throughout the show, the audience was treated to famous hits from legendary Motown artists such as Gladys Knight and The Four Tops. While Reeves was extremely talented, she shared the stage with numerous singers and musicians who also had overwhelming talent. In my opinion, the side musicians and singers were talented enough to be headliners of their own shows. Similarly, when it comes to laser engraving, our final output is usually the focal point of the project we are working on. Whether it is the acrylic award, the walnut plaques or even the plastic identi- fication tags, it is that inscription that gar- ners the majority of the attention. Much like the Las Vegas show "Hitzville," where the side musicians act in more of a sup- port role, the laser engraver can provide numerous background roles, too. AN UNUSUAL IDEA We had a project in our shop where we were asked to create a custom award using acrylic and aluminum. The award was basically fabricated using three main com- ponents. The first part was an aluminum piece that measured approximately 9 by 4 by 1/2 inches. This aluminum piece was rectangular-shaped with an angled top. In front of this custom-shaped alu- minum piece was a similarly-shaped jade- colored acrylic piece. The acrylic piece was slightly smaller and measured approxi- mately 3 by 8 by 1/2 inches. Finally, both the custom-shaped aluminum and acrylic pieces were mounted on a thick aluminum rectangular base that measured 4 by 6 by 1 inches thick. A few years back, I had a chance to see a Motown revue show in Las Vegas called "Hitzville." Being a fan of that musical genre, I was really looking forward to this production, but more importantly, I wanted to see the headlining star: Jin-Jin Reeves. Jin- Jin Reeves, a talented and award-winning female vocalist, was heavily promoted in all the advertising of this production, which made this show even more appealing. The Laser is Not in the Spotlight… Well, Not Really Supporting roles played by laser engraving machines The custom award was made out of three main components. ALL IMAGES COURTESY RICHARD KORBYL

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