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A&E OCTOBER 2016 • 29 Our experience with Reveal-S has confirmed that most heat presses are significantly out of calibration—meaning that the measured temperature is not the same as the temperature on the display of the heat press. I strongly recommend that you manually check your heat press temperature with a contact pyrometer or metal candy thermometer before using Reveal-S film. NEW INK SETS: SAWGRASS VIRTUOSO VJ 628 PRINTER Introduced late last year, the Sawgrass VJ 628 is the ideal printer for taking your sub- limation business to the next level. The VJ 628, made by Mutoh for Sawgrass, provides high-volume printing on 8.5-, 11-, 17-, 24-, and 24.8-inch roll media and full-bleed prints up to 24.4 inches wide for producing larger products such as ChromaLuxe metal, wood, MDF, car mats and more. For me, the real magic of this printer is the flexibility of having eight inks slots. Saw- grass has responded to the needs of high-value niche markets by offering an array of unique and exciting ink configurations. These configurations now include: • Dual CMYK: For traditional sublimators, a dual CMYK ink configuration capable of up to 548,000 colors is the ideal balance of speed and quality, whether producing hard or soft substrates. • Eight-Color with New XF Blacks: Delivering up to 659,327 colors, the K, Lk, Llk cartridges provide extended lightfastness for ChromaLuxe panels, professional photos and décor. According to Henry Wilhelm's testing with ChromaLuxe, the XF black's extended image permanence delivers the photo industry three times the life of silver halide prints. • Eight-Color with Expanded Gamut: Adding Orange and Blue colors to C, M, Y, K, LC, LM will add pop to vector graphics and spot colors by providing the greatest dynamic color range. To get the most out of this ink set, you must design in an extended color gamut workspace like AdobeRGB1998. • Six-Color with Spot Color Fluorescents: Adding Fluorescent Pink and Fluorescent Yellow to C, M, Y, K, LC, LM allows digital decorators to create graphics with a completely new dimension. Note that the addition of the two fluorescent inks does not affect normal sublimation printing. The two new inks are spot colors and are only used when you select them in your designs. Some of my favorite products to add fluorescent colors to include socks, sleeves, shirts and cheer bows. Introduced late last year, the Sawgrass VJ 628 is the ideal printer for taking your sublimation business to the next level. Adding fluorescent colors to items such as socks brings an element of fun to the product.

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