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34 • A&E OCTOBER 2016 SUBLIMATION AND UV-LED FULL-COLOR SOLUTIONS By Kevin Lumberg & TJ Kvilhaug These aren't initially thought of most times when buying equipment, as we all get caught up in the excitement of getting a new machine and making money with it. Let's just talk about a couple accesso- ries; hopefully these make sense to add to your business or even get your mind going on what else you can add to your existing printing process. When we talk about different acces- sories, it's easiest to break them down by order of process in which they are used: pre-press, press, and post-press. A majority of them are going to be in the pressing process but there are a few in the other two categories that are worth men- tioning, so let's start it off with the pre-press. PRE-PRESS ACCESSORIES As we mentioned, a majority of the sublima- tion accessories will be in the pressing process, but one of the most important ones in our opinion is used during the pre-pressing stage—a digital temperature probe or a heat gun. These are extremely important and are used to measure the heat output in degrees around your heat platen on your heat press. Since the press is such a critical piece of the sublimation puzzle, having one of these that is working prop- erly is imperative to your business. There are a couple different ways to use them depending on which one you use. If you are using the heat gun, you point the laser at the different areas of your press, corners and middle, and get your readout. If you are using the probe, you actually hold the tool up against the heat to get the readout. For us, using the laser heat gun is great for measuring the temperature of M any times when writing these columns, we talk about the latest and greatest on equipment, or maybe how to press a certain product, or even different products that are out there. This month, we'll take a little different approach and discuss some of the different sublimation accessories to get with your printer and press that could make your life easier. Forgotten Tools Valuable accessories for the sublimation process Teflon sheets protect your rubber pad from any gassing of inks and easily wipe clean with soap and water. ALL IMAGES COURTESY KEVIN LUMBERG AND TJ KVILHAUG

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