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A&E OCTOBER 2016 • 35 Sublimation your oven when doing mugs, and the probe is best for any flat press. The temperature between the areas will vary a few degrees in either direction, but any major swings can cause a huge headache in the quality of your products. Should you notice this hap- pening or measure a "cool" spot, be sure to call your supplier right away to talk about a fix. PRESSING ACCESSORIES There are a few different accesso- ries in this portion of the sublimation process that can help you. We'll name a few of the more important ones and go over them briefly, as well as what they are used for. The first one we'd like to discuss is a Teflon sheet. Teflon sheets come in a few different sizes as well as one that actually fits over the bottom rubber pad of your heat press like a bed sheet, called a Teflon wrap. The sheets do help disperse heat evenly but more impor- tantly, they help keep your press clean and free of any ink. Should ink get into your pad, it could possibly transfer to the back of the next product you put in your press. If the Teflon gets ink on it, you can wipe it off with some soap and water. It's a lot easier to wipe it off than to get it out of your rubber pad. The next accessory worth looking into is the Nomex felt pad. This felt pad is 16 by 20 by 1/2 inches, and goes on the bottom pad of your press. It's used to press tiles, cutting boards, and even items like the photo slate-type prod- ucts. It helps greatly when pressing something like a tile that has rounded edges. Press the tile face down—the top heated platen presses the tile into the felt, causing the transfer to curve around the edges. This gives you the LET US DO THE ETCHING FOR YOU! NO SET-UP CHARGES! • • 225 Gap Way • Erlanger, KY 41018 • 888.283.0019 • fax: 800.806.4808 The engraver's choice for imaginative crystal LASER BLACK ON METAL 800.733.7705 • Works for all lasers! Spray on and laser engrave to create black on metal.

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