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the best route for the awards retailer. Note that this list primarily includes social media platforms. "The effective use of social media is… an affordable and beneficial tool," states Ragland. "Location- based promotions have also become very popular within apps and location-based platforms." Utilizing mobile marketing helps build strong customer rela- tionships with a large audience. "When you are present with helpful information using the channels your audiences use most, you're building familiarity and an intangible connection, which makes the customer more likely to consider your products over someone else's," Kavanagh explains, highlighting brand recogni- tion as one key benefit to a good mobile marketing campaign. SOCIAL MOVEMENT It's clearly beneficial to employ a mobile marketing campaign, but it won't be that way unless your approach is effective and geared toward your specific audience. There are a few key bullet points to stick to, but for the most part, it's all about how you help your target audience. "Develop a communication strategy that speaks to the wants and needs of your followers (or the followers you want), and deliver messages that provide value," Kavanagh emphasizes. People are more likely to interact with your content when it's engaging, informative, visual and provides value to them (edu- cational, for example). Nowhere is this more applicable than on a business social media profile, such as a business's Facebook page or LinkedIn group. "I know of some business owners that have concentrated their… marketing efforts utilizing the no- to low-cost social media sites Facebook, LinkedIn and YouTube, and have real- ized wildly successful results," Vince DiCecco, Your Personal Business Trainer, states. "Because of its relatively low cost and its acceptance among Gen Y and Millennial shoppers, awards retailers must become familiar with and hone the mechanics, logistics and metrics of conducting a social media marketing campaign effectively." There are a couple ways to really dial in that social media campaign. "Maintaining a good schedule for posting content, comments and sales pitches is a great method for letting your target audience know that you are human, you are active in the online community, you have personality, and just happen to have products and services that they might be interested in," Ragland believes. He is also quick to point out that there should be a good balance between everything you post. For example, he recommends the following: One-quarter of social content promotes your business, gathering new followers and generating leads and sales. One-quarter of it shares personal quips, joins conversations, shares moments from business and life, and builds your brand. One-quarter shares your thoughts regarding your industry, experience, and promotes your expertise in your field. And finally, one-quarter engages your followers by responding or engaging in their content. MAKING MOVES Beyond social media platforms, there are a variety of other mobile marketing techniques awards retailers can employ in 40 • A&E OCTOBER 2016 IMAGES COURTESY SAWGRASS/A&E MAGAZINE Social media platforms such as Twitter can be wildly successful with awards retailers—good content will be favorited and re-Tweeted multiple times, reaching a larger audience.

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