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their business. Some of these include building a mobile-friendly website and sending out e-newsletters. "E-newsletters are pretty powerful marketing tools," Kava- nagh believes. "They should be centered in education or human interest stories… This is (also) a good place to offer coupons or promotional offers, and if there is something free you can offer for immediate download, that makes the newsletter all the more attractive." It's also essential that your website is mobile friendly. "Mobile users demand speed, accessibility and immediate gratification," Ragland emphasizes. "With that in mind, your mobile site should be straight forward and to the point as much as possible. Too much information and forcing a user to scroll through page after page can deter them from engaging with you." And while mobile marketing obviously doesn't use the same platform as print marketing, DiCecco adds that the strategies between the two are similar. "Marketing has to be the right mes- sage directed at the right target using the most effective vehicle— simply put: ready, aim, fire, in that order," he advises. "I've always considered marketing to be a planned attempt to get customers' and prospects' commitment and loyalty—not just compliance— to do business with one's company." As a business, awards retailers already have a marketing plan in place. To get on board with the mobile era, it's simply a matter of small adjustments on the move. EDITOR'S NOTE: Interested in learning more? Check out this video shot on location at THE NBM B.I.G. SHOW – Indianapolis, 2016: A&E OCTOBER 2016 • 41 IMAGE COURTESY THE NBM SHOW A&E Effective Marketing Message Tips By Vince DiCecco, Your Personal Business Trainer I've always thought that regardless of the marketing piece—in print, over the airwaves, or in the cyber uni- verse—there needs to be the following components in the message: • A clear and telegraphic headline • A description of a good value or how the reader's need is satisfied • An offer that includes something special • A logical reason why the offer is being made • A sense of urgency to act or a call to action • Understandable directions to follow • An emphasis on your unique value proposition

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