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October '16

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50 • A&E OCTOBER 2016 ETCH MASTERS by Ruth Dobbins Anyway, some ladies came to us with a couple of very nice, and might I mention expensive, gavels, wanting us to customize them. The unusual part was that one of the gavels already had a monogram etched into one end of it, and the customers wanted to know if we could get rid of that and etch a new name into the object. We gave them two options. One, we could send the item off to another com- pany and have them grind and polish that gavel side. This would, of course, involve the risk in shipping it and being handled while the work was performed. The other option: we would blast that side of the gavel head deep enough to get rid of the initials and then use the other side to etch the requested monogram or name into it. This option represented far less handling than the grinding and polishing, and that is what the customer wanted to do. PREPARATION In order to work on the gavel face with the mono- gram etched on it, we needed to create a stencil, which would cover the outside edge of the gavel face, leaving the interior area open for blasting. Not knowing how deep I would need to blast, we decided to create the stencil from our soft vinyl material we often use for deep carving. This would not be cut and dry, because this gavel was hand-made, and the shapes were by no O ne simply cannot track all the customers one gets as a result of attending a trade or craft show, because some people contact us well after any given show and often do not remember where exactly they met you. Re- cently, we had someone contact us whom we had met at a craft show, and they came to us with a not-so-common request. Funny how that seems to happen to us quite often. A Tale of Two Gavels Tracing the gavel head outline to create a stencil fitting the hand-made object. ALL IMAGES COURTESY RUTH DOBBINS The original monogram on the gavel head to be eliminated.

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