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October '16

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A&E OCTOBER 2016 • 59 tion. In addition, Topaz included a pow- erful group of local adjustment options, allowing you to burn, dodge, smooth and/ or brush out the effects of Simplify 4 in selective, specific areas of your image. FINAL COMMENTS Topaz Simplify 4 is a full art creation plug-in system offered at a bargain price. Its simplification features are extensive and its capabilities used in conjunction with CorelDraw and PaintShop Pro are very useful. When converting a bitmap image to vector using Outline Trace in CorelDraw, I often use Simplify 4 to clean up the bitmap before conversion. When preparing a photo for laser engraving, I use Simplify 4 to make artistic adjustments to the image to enhance the final laser output. As you learn to use Topaz Labs Sim- plify 4, you, too, will rapidly discover exciting, new applications for it. Bill Leek of Houston, Texas has over 33 years of experience in digital decorating system development and graphics design. He has developed several lines of color imprintable products utilizing inkjet, sublima- tion and color laser transfer technologies. In addition, he has extensive working knowledge of color management and product durability testing and has consulted for many of the industry's leading companies. He may be reached at IMAGE COURTESY BILL LEEK, INITIAL IMAGE LICENSED FROM ADOBE STOCK IMAGE COURTESY BILL LEEK This minimalist sea view creates a mood of order, simplicity and peace. Wood cut of a lion prepared for laser engraving. A&E

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