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60 • A&E OCTOBER 2016 CORELDRAW FROM A TO E Graphic Design by Jim Sadler Because CorelDraw is vector-based software, the images and layouts made using the program are made up of indi- vidual objects—including the fonts. All those letter shapes that make up any font are individual vector objects. A vector object can only be one of two things: an open object (a line with a beginning and an end), and a closed object (the line con- tinues around so that the last click con- nects with the first click, forming a closed shape). Line or shape: you decide. Sometimes the line or shape flies solo, meaning that the completed illustration is made up of nothing more than a single line or shape, but more often than not, images are made up of many lines and shapes—multiple objects. But even a mul- tiple object illustration might look odd or ineffective if it were made up of nothing more than thin black lines or outlines. It could be awesome, but in most cases, probably not. Enter the attributes. What is an attri- bute? Think of a vector object as some- thing abstract and invisible because that is exactly what it is—really nothing more than a math formula. And that is its genius, because the computer loves math Now You See It… More discussion on Objects T his column is being written to demonstrate practical uses of CorelDraw for those working within the awards and engraving industry. For those new to Corel, I suggest concentrating on the basics from books, media, seminars, or tutoring, with the aim of becom- ing productive as soon as possible. Earn while you learn! And the most effective way to learn is by repeated use, gaining proficiency, and then moving forward adding new skills. These articles try to focus on skills relevant to our readers' needs. Procedure descriptions are somewhat generic due to wide variation in Corel versions. Consult your version documentation as needed. Figure 1 ALL IMAGES COURTESY JIM SADLER

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