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November '16

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46 • A&E NOVEMBER 2016 T he possibilities of sandcarving are endless. Sandcarving with photo- resist film provides diversity with almost any surface. Rock, wood, glass, metal and more can all be etched using sandcarving. Usually when you think of sandcarving, most of us think glass and crystal. While glass and crystal look beau- tiful sandcarved, there are so many other surfaces that are enriched with the sand- carved look. GLASS AND CRYSTAL Glass and crystal engraving was origi- nally accomplished through a costly and timely process known as "copper wheel engraving," reserved for those who were the elite. Today, photoresist film makes it possible to produce text and detailed images in any quantity quickly and simply onto any glass and crystal substrate, such as crystal awards, spirit bottles, bar ware, plaques, art glass and many more. The polished nature of these sub- strates allow the user to use Self-Stick photoresist film, making the process even simpler by removing the gluing steps and allowing he or she to reposition the mask whenever necessary. Sandcarving glass and crystal allows depth that cannot be obtained by any other decorating process. Sandcarving can be done on the front or the back of the glass and crystal substrate. Viewing the etch through the glass allows the cus- tomer to see the engraving from a whole new perspective. Photoresist films are available in dif- ferent thicknesses to achieve a surface, moderate, or deep etch while attaining detailed artwork. With a moderate to deep etch, it also gives you the opportunity to add paint inside the etch, adding value with just one additional step. NATURAL STONE There are so many types of stone that fall under the umbrella of natural stone, and sandcarving with photoresist film can tackle all projects from small river rocks to large donation recognition walls, not to mention memorial stones. Small stones are often used for wed- dings as decoration, containing scriptures or inspirational words. Because small stones have a polished surface, a Self- Stick film will work perfect for these small stones—film in 4mil or 5mil will adhere nicely to the polished surface. Medium stones such as pet memorials, Not only can you sandcarve smaller stones, but large stone donor walls, as well. By Liz Haas Sandcarving Multiple Surfaces

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