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2016 • THE DIGITAL DIRECT REPORT • 13 variables as well. Following are the most common considerations and adjustments that will need to be made when printing on polyester: Pretreatment—You will need to use the right pretreat for the garment. Use light pretreat for white garments with no white ink, and dark for dark garments or any time you use white ink. You don't need to use as much pretreatment as you would with cotton; you just want a damp even square. Unlike cotton, if you over-pre- treat poly, you will notice it right away and may see cracks in the white or get a stiff hand-feel. Pretreatment Drying—The tem- perature will need to be a little lower on the heat press when you are drying the pretreat. For cotton, the standard is 330–350 degrees F, and with poly, it is more around the 220 degrees F range. To help remove the moisture from the gar- ment before you press it, the heat press should hover over the garment for 30–60 seconds. To dry the garment completely, press with light pressure for 30 seconds, two times. It is important that you see no steam coming off the shirt to make sure all the moisture is out. RIP Settings—When it comes to print- ing light or white garments, the settings should be basically the same as printing on light cotton. You may need to slightly lower the ink volume if there is any bleed- ing in the print, but little else will change. Depending on your RIP software, you may reduce the ink percentage, or try printing in a lower resolution as well. Printing on dark garments does require different print settings from what you use for cotton prints. The most important difference here is the white ink. You will need to increase the amount of white ink printed compared to a cotton print. The color pass should still stay the same. For example, the settings on cotton are com- monly 1,440 X 1,440 or 1,440 X 720 Computer-to-Screen for Any Budget • Excellent Density • Eliminates Film • Accurate Registration ∠ 匀琀爀攀愀洀氀椀渀攀猀 䔀昀ǻ挀椀攀渀挀礀 • Improves Quality EXILE Technologies now offers two options in CTS technology. 吀栀攀 匀瀀礀搀攀爀 䤀䤀 猀礀猀琀攀洀 椀猀 漀甀爀 ˻愀最猀栀椀瀀 瀀爀椀渀琀攀爀 瀀爀漀瘀椀搀椀渀最 栀椀最栀  猀瀀攀攀搀 愀渀搀 栀椀最栀 焀甀愀氀椀琀礀Ⰰ 眀栀椀氀攀 琀栀攀 愀氀氀 渀攀眀 䘀爀攀攀匀琀礀氀攀爀 䠀礀戀爀椀搀  搀攀氀椀瘀攀爀猀 焀甀愀氀椀琀礀 眀椀琀栀 愀 瀀爀椀挀攀 琀愀最 琀栀愀琀 礀漀甀 樀甀猀琀 挀愀渀ᤠ琀 愀昀昀漀爀搀 琀漀 猀愀礀  渀漀 琀漀⸀ 吀栀攀 䘀爀攀攀匀琀礀氀攀爀 愀氀猀漀 搀漀甀戀氀攀猀 愀猀 愀 䐀吀䜀 瀀爀椀渀琀攀爀℀ 䨀甀猀琀 瀀甀琀 椀渀  挀漀氀漀爀 椀渀欀 挀愀爀琀爀椀搀最攀猀 愀渀搀 礀漀甀 栀愀瘀攀 挀漀渀瘀攀爀琀攀搀 琀栀攀 猀礀猀琀攀洀 琀漀  搀椀爀攀挀琀氀礀 瀀爀椀渀琀 漀渀 昀愀戀爀椀挀⸀ 1/3 THE COST of other CTS SYSTEMS!! CTS & DTG with one PRINTER!!

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